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On 4 legs it goes much faster and it's a lot more fun too! Young and old horse lovers will de delighted about our riding offerings, that's for sure! From easy pony walks for adults with their children from 3 years in the riding-kindergarten to our riding school and rides in the countryside, kids and adults can experience a lot of adventures with our horses, whether in a group or individually. Our riding school is open daily throughout the year! Below you find the details and prices of our courses.

The following offers can be booked locally:

Trekking (from 3 years old)  Price

Children ride, led by parents

We gladly lead the horse for you:

45 min.

19,- €

27,- €

Riding lessons (from 6 years old)  Price

Gymnastics lesson (from 3 years old)

Lunge lesson

30 min.

30 min.

27,- €

27,- €

Group lesson (2-3 participants)45 min.24,- €
Private lesson (upon availability)30 min32,- €
Rides in the countryside (always with guidance)  Price

Group ride

Individual ride 

60 min.

60 min.

38,- €

52,- €

Riding-kindergarten / children 4-6 years old  Price

 3-day course "everything about the pony"(for 3-6 kids)

69,- €

Wearing a riding helmet is compulsory. We have plenty of helmets available for rent!

Prices per person! As per December 2015 / subject to changes. *Courses with exam only on the dates indicated.  We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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