Children from 7 years and older

When your kids are finally outgrown the infant age, the urge for adventure, stories and creativity in them grows. Our Junior Club is just the right place to fulfil these needs. In addition to the Happy Club (up to 10 years), children from 7 years and older can experience the following adventures here:

  • Schnitzel hunting
  • Working
  • Exploring the magic forest
  • Wellness afternoons
  • Pyjama parties
  • Rehearsing theatre shows
  • And a lot more

Of course the diligently rehearsed theatre shows are presented to the proud parents at the end of the holiday. So look forward to the top stage performance of your offspring. Maybe even a new star will be born on our stage!  

In the school holidays our Junior Club is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and 2-3 nights a week. From May to October 2018: Junior Outdoor Camp!!!

Infos zur Happy-Card